INEL at “Tag des Wissens 2018”

On 22.09.2018 the INEL project was present at “Tag des Wissens 2018” (‘Day of Knowledge 2018’), which is an event organized by the city of Hamburg in order to present science and scientific work to a broader audience. At the project’s place the visitors could inform theirselves of the linguistic geography of Siberia, a popular tool was a “speaking” map which gave language samples by clicking on certain spots on the map. Moreover, the visitors could check their listening abilities in an audio quiz where spoken Selkup words and phrases had to be matched with their written form. Finally, both project members and staff of the Academy of Sciences of Hamburg answered many questions of the visitors. In this context we would especially like to thank Nikolett Mus, a colleague from Budapest, who was present all the time and supported the project a lot. All in all, the event was a good possibility for the INEL project to demonstrate its sometimes complex contents to a broader audience and create some interest for the fascinating world of Siberian languages.

Following this link You can find some more information on the “Tag des Wissens”: