Workshop on Language diversity and digital infrastructures in Hamburg

Workshop on Language diversity and digital infrastructures in Hamburg

The INEL project as one of the operating forces of the new CLARIN Knowledge Centre for linguistic diversity and language documentation (CKLD, is co-organizing a workshop on

Linguistic diversity, minority languages and digital research infrastructures

Hamburg, September 20-21, 2018

The workshop addresses the requirements on and potential of current developments in digital research infrastructures for the Humanities for research within the fields of linguistic diversity, minority and endangered languages, and further related so called ‘small disciplines’.

Contributions will focus on experiences from linguistic research projects and discuss

  • solutions for representing and modelling multilingual and non-standardised (in particular spoken) language data in highly standardised environments
  • opportunities and limits of automated methods in language processing, especially considering multilingualism, orality and language variation
  • usage increase, which includes
    • solutions and strategies (in terms of interfaces or dissemination channels) to gain new users in neighbour disciplines (i. e. Area Studies, Anthropology etc.)
    • making data available to scientific and non-scientific audiences, including speaker communities, in various regions of the world
    • promoting the use of digital linguistic resources in teaching and scholarly publications (with respect to discoverability, citability, recognition of digital resources as publications, etc.)

The workshop will span two half-days (afternoon 20.09 + morning 21.09). See the workshop program here.